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1964 Chevrolet Impala S/S Hardtop & Convertible
1964 Chevy S/S Hardtop & Convertible Original Interior Package.



Includes front buckets and rear seat covers with heat sealed 1" pleats, preassembled door and rear trim panels with new window felts and door lock ferrules. Sewn rear armrest covers, windlace set, Sunvisors, Star pattern headliner and matching star pattern vinyl to cover your sail panels on Hardtops.

Convertibles get a top boot. Molded 80/20 carpet set and floor mats. Door Panel Stainless nor Emblems NOT Included- you will need to transfer your existing or order our reproductions.

Many colors other than original available. Let us know what color carpet tails you have on the front buckets. 80 lbs.

*You must send your clean upper door rails or purchase our reproductions.


1964 Chevy Impala S/S Hardtop & Convertible Seat Cover Set


1964 Impala Super Sport Seat Covers, which includes the reproduction covers for the two front bucket seats and the rear seat covers. Made using our heavy weight reproduction Seville crush grain vinyl, 1" deep heat sealed pleats with latex foam underside. Correct size vinyl welts. All installation listing sewn in the correct locations.  You must state what color carpet you are wanting for the seat tails.

Looking for something custom? We can sewn these seat covers using the 1964 Impala Seat Insert Cloth, which was not originally available for the SS models. Looks amazing!  



1964 Chevy Impala S/S Hardtop & Convertible Bucket Seat Covers.


This set of 1964 Super Sport Bucket Seat Covers are exact duplicates of the originals in correct Seville crush grain vinyl, size of welt, side and depth of the pleats. Matching color seat tail carpet. Every color available. This is for recovering 2 bucket seats. 19 lbs.  Please state what color carpet you want on the seat bottom. We will not sell single Bucket Seat Cover.


1964 Chevy Impala S/S Bucket Seat Foam (1)


Contour molded latex high density seat foam for 1 bottom cushion and 1 backrest. Sold per seat. 10 lbs per each bucket.


1964 Chevy Impala S/S HT & Convertible Rear Seat Foam.


1964 SS Rear Seat Foam, high density foam with 1/2" foam top layer. This is what we use in our installation department and we do not have to add any other foam or batting. Cut out area if you have the speaker opening. Minor trimming required. 20 lbs. You MUST indicate if your car is a hardtop or convertible.


1964 Plain Interior Vinyl.


This is the correct Seville crush grain vinyl. The exact embossing as the factory seat covers, door panels, windlace used. Heavy weight 54" wide vinyl in all 1964 colors. Sold by the yard. 3 lbs per yard.


1964 Impala S/S Hardtop & Convertible Preassembled Door & Side Panels.


Complete front doors and rear quarter trim panels with felts and lock knob ferrules installed. Using new waterproof boards, metal door bands with nails and serrated inner edges to keep the vinyl and carpet tight. Heat sealed upper vertical pleats and center line design. Lower matching color carpet attached on the bottoms of the door panels. Rear armrest covers, top piston covers on Convertibles, windlace set and kick panel carpet. Door Panel Stainless and Emblems NOT Included- you will need to transfer your existing stainless or order our reproductions. 40 lbs.

Send us your 4 clean unpainted upper rails or purchase our metal reproductions. We will install them FREE.



1964 Impala Door Panel Reflector


Reproduction Door Panel Reflector. Same size and fit as original. Sold individually.

1964 Impala SS Door Panel Emblems


1964 SS Door Panel Emblems Per Pair- Exact Reproduction of the Original Emblems. Complete your door panels by adding new emblems and see what a difference they make! Same fit and finish as the original. Sold in pairs.

1964 Chevy Impala S/S Door Panel Upper Rails.


1964 convertible front and rear quarter trim rails.  They are the same size, shape and curved as the originals are. Sold in complete set for the front doors and rear quarter panels. Only available with the purchase of Ciadella Pre-Assembled Door Panel Set.




Door Panel Edge Metal Bands.


These are a set of galvanized metal door panel edge bands shaped for the 1964 2 door hardtop and Convertible door panels. Serrated edges that hold the door panel trim vinyl tight. Nails included. 4 lbs.

Special Order Item- Not Eligible for Return.

1964 Rear Hardtop Quarter Trim Boards.


2 Door Hardtop, Die cut rear quarter interior boards. Attaches to the upper rails and gets trim vinyl covered. Sold in pairs. 5 lbs.


1962-1964 Impala Door Panel Retainers


Reproduction Door Panel Retainers- Exact size and fit as the originals. Sold in set of 20 for $10.

Door Panel Nails.


These are excellent replacements to replace broken or missing door panel edge metal installation nails. Easy to install by placing between the door board and the metal adge band in the location needed. And simply crimp. Sold in groups of 10 for $7.50 with Free Shipping..


Chevy Door Lock Knob Ferrules. (2)


Round stainless bezels that are felt lined for anti rattle. Easy to install on the doors by bending the prongs on to the rail bottoms. 0.5 lb.


1961 to 1965 Correct Plastic Lock Knob Ferrules (2)


These are the correct clear plastic lock knob ferrules for all 1961 to 1964's (all models) Sold in pairs. We also have the 1959 & 1960 Stainless lock knob bezels listed above this listing.  Weight is 0.5 lbs per 2.


1964 Chevy 2 Door Hardtop & Convertible Windlace.


These are two strips that staple to the front of the rear quarter trim and armrests. Interior vinyl covered 3/8" sponge rod. In all the correct 1964 colors.


1964 Impala Front Armrest Rubber Pads


Black rubber armrest pads and mountng supports. This is a pair of Ciadella reproduced correct pads. No other company sells them without the vinyl covering. 5 lbs pair.


1964 Impala Front Vinyl Covered Armrest Pads.


These are Ciadella reproduced 1962-1964 Impala front armrest pads that are covered with matching Seville grain vinyl in all the original colors.  Ready to install on your plastic armrest bases.


1964 Chromed Plastic Armrest Bases.


This is a pair of chromed plastic armrest support bases. Sold in pairs, lefts and rights as they are different shapes and configurations. Ours are exact reproductions the originals.


1964 Front Armrest Assembly (2)


 A pair of new reproduced chromed plastic armrest bases with new vinyl covered pads and supports. In all the 1964 matching interior vinyl colors. Sold in pairs. 10 lbs



1964 Chevy Impala S/S Hardtop Headliner.


 Correctly sewn for perfect fit. Made from exact duplicate "Star" pattern embossed vinyl as were installed in all 1964 Impala's. All colors available, and include sunvisor and rear roof panel extra vinyl. 10 lbs.


1964 Impala S/S Hardtop Sun Visors.


New boards and support rods. Padded and covered with matching embossed "Star" pattern headlining vinyl for Hardtops in all the original colors. Both have vinyl edge binding and chrome tips. 5 lbs.


1964 Chevy S/S Convertible Sun Visors.


Reproduced Sunvisors using new boards and support rods. Padded and covered with the 1964 Seville crush grain vinyls on Convertibles $149.95 in all colors. Completely edge bound. Sold as a pair. 5 lbs.


1964 Impala S/S Hardtop Rear Sail Panels.


Star pattern vinyl installed over new die cut boards with the push outs for the dome light assemblies. Small top edge bead welt bead as original. Sold in pairs. 5 lbs.


1964 Chevy Star Pattern Headliner Vinyl


We have all the original colors in our exact reproduction "Star" pattern headliner weight vinyl.l. 54" wide. 1 lb per yard.


1964 Chevy 2 Door HT Rear Package Tray.


Die cut rear package tray panel board. That fits properly to the rear shelf behind the rear seat back and rear window. And is vinyl covered with matching interior vinyl and vinyl with foam front edge. 6 lbs


Chevy Seat Belts


This is a pair of Seat Belts in all the factory colors. Each is 74" in length with aircraft style chrome quick release buckels. This pair is for driver and passenger, rear seat belts also sold in pairs. Available in many colors @ $50.00 for two. 3 lbs pair.


1964 Chevy Impala S/S Convertible Top & Pads.


This Convertible top fits excellent. Made out of the heavy weight Pinpoint grain vinyl that has heat sealed sides and all vinyl bound edges. Top pads included. Plastic rear window with brass zipper. Available in many colors. Tinted plastic rear window optional. 

If you would like a custom top (color, glass back window, canvas, etc) please call to inquire and place your order.  


Convertible Top Well.


Black canvas material cut and sewn into the proper shape for the convertible top storage area. Or we can make it to your color vinyl request. 3 lbs.


1964 Impala Convertible Top Boot.


This convertible top boot is designed to match the original. Made out of matching interior vinyl color. Reinforced undersides and foam padded under both sides. Snaps are hidden. 10 lbs.


1964 Chevy S/S Carpet Set.


Molded carpet set manufactured out of correct 80/20 loop material in all colors. Jute padded underside and heel pad. Formed to the contour of this models floor pan.  Available in many colors. 20 lbs.


1964 Chevy Carpet Floor Mats.


A set of front and rear 80/20 loop carpet mats. Cut and sewn with nibbed underside for non slipping. All vinyl edge binding. Available in many colors.  9 lbs.


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