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1952 Bel Air 2 Door Hardtop
1952 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe 2 Door Hardtop Seat Covers


1952 Bel Air seat covers are manufactured in all 6 interior color combinations including White & Bittersweet. The original seat covers used leather with pattern seat cloth inserts. We use 1953 or 1954 Bel Air Hardtop or Sedan substitute seat fabric with interior vinyl trim. All installation listings are sewn on the proper trim locations. Seat side shell and seat back panel vinyl included. We can make the interior colors to your specifications.

 We can also use Leather as original, please email or call for price.  We can make Custom interiors for this year, click here 


1952 Bel Air Hardtop Front Seat Foam


1952 Bel Air 2 Door Hardtop Front Seat Foam   This has been tested in our shop and fill out the seat covers perfectly. High density bottom layer of foam and a softer 1/2 foam top layer. Ships in 2 large oversize boxes.


1949-52 2 Door Hardtop or Convertible Sill Plates


Reproduction Sill Plates to fit your 1949-1952 2 Door Hardtop or Convertible. Complete with Body by Fisher tags and mounting screws included. 


1952 Bel Air Hardtop Rear Seat Foam.


1952 Bel Air 2 Door  Hardtop Rear Seat Foam. Bottom layer is thick high density foam with a softer 1/2" layer of top foam. We have tried and tested this foam and use nothing else on our seat cover installations. Ships in 2 large oversize boxes.


1952 Bel Air 2 Door Hardtop Preassembled Doors and Rear Panels


New waterproof cardboards with edge metal support bands with nails attached. Two colors of trim vinyl. Above the stainless trim is horizontally stitched lighter color of vinyl and darker vinyl below. Sewn rear armrest covers. Vinyl covered 1/2" sponge rod windlace for door openings. Vinyl covered kick panels, vinyl to recover armrests. We can make the colors to your specifications.



1952 Bel Air 2 Door Hardtop Front Armrest Assembly


These are a pair of replacement front plastic bases with stainless trim strips and top pads. Top rubber pads are covered in vinyl. Complete ready to install. 

1950-51-52 Bel Air 2 Door Hardtop Windlace Set.


Matching interior vinyl covered 1/2" sponge rod in the correct length. Two front windlaces have kick panel channel slide in mounting cords and dash filler flaps. We can make this windlace set in many colors.


1949-50-51-52 Chevy Kick Panels.


Black Textured board die cut to the correct shape for proper fit. Sold in pairs for left and right sides.  We can also vinyl cover these to your interior color.


Chevy Door Panel Edge Metal Bands


Galvanized U shaped door edge metal bands that surround the door board.  Nails included. This is a 2 door set.


Door Panel Replacement Nails.


For all years. These fit between the door panel and the edge metal band, and just need crimping to secure in place. Sold in groups of 10 for $4.00.


1952 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe 2 Door Hardtop Headliner.


Ivory vinyl headliner sewn from original patterns with cardboard slide in's for the three Stainless headliner bows. Extra sun visor vinyl included. We can make other color vinyl headliners at no extra cost.


1952 Chevy Bel Air 2 Door Hardtop Sun Visors.


New hand made sun visors starting with new boards with metal rods attached. Padded with a thin layer of cotton padding and covered with matching headliner vinyl. Vinyl edge binding and finger tabs. We can do these in many vinyl colors as listed.


1949 - 1952 Chevy Daytona Small Loop Carpet Set.


This is the tiny loop tight weaved carpet, cut and sewn as the originals were. All vinyl binding on the edges and over the tunnel,  vinyl heel pad. 1/8" latex foam and jute padding underside.


1952 Chevy Bel Air 2 Door Hardtop Carpet Set.


This is a cut and sewn carpet set for front and rear in tight cut pile carpeting. Jute padded underside. Vinyl edge binding with matching vinyl heel pad. We can also us loop carpet material.


1949-50-51-52 Chevy Carpet Floor Mats.


This is a four mat set, we manufacture in our shop Using close weave cut pile or loop carpet with nibbed rubber non slip back. All edges are vinyl bound. Many colors available.


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