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1952 Styleline 2 and 4 Door Sedans
1952 Chevy Styleline Front Seat Foam.


This is our universal front seat foam for 1949 to 1952 2 door and 4 door models. This has been tested in our shop and fill out the seat covers perfectly. High density bottom layer of foam and a softer 1/2 foam top layer. 15 lbs.


1952 Styleline Rear Seat Foam.


This is our contour shaped universal rear seat foam for 2 doors or 4 door models. Bottom layer is thick high density foam with a softer 1/2" layer of top foam. We have tried and tested this foam and use nothing else on our seat cover installations. 15 lbs.


1949-50-51-52 Chevy Kick Panels.


Black Textured board die cut to the correct shape for proper fit. Sold in pairs for left and right sides.  We can also vinyl cover these to your interior color.


Chevy Door Panel Edge Metal Bands


Galvanized U shaped door edge metal bands that surround the door board.  Nail included. This is a 2 door set, 4 door set is $160.00.  5 lbs per 2 door set.


Door Panel Replacement Nails.


For all years. These fit between the door panel and the edge metal band, and just need crimping to secure in place. Sold in groups of 10 for $4.00.


1952 Chevy Styleline 2 & 4 Door Napped Cotton Headliner.


Sewn using Light Gray Napped cotton cloth as the originals used.  Other colors of Napped cloth available. Extra pillar post and sun visor cloth included. Please be specific on the model your ordering for.


1949 to 1952 Chevy 2 Door Sedan Center Post Pull Straps.


We make these in our shop in many colors, using matching woven windlace cloth. Covered support vinyl in the same shape as the originals. We can also make these grab straps in vinyl. Sold in pairs.


1952 Chevy Styleline 2 Door Windlace Set.


This is the woven cloth covered 1/2" sponge rod with dash flaps sewn in the proper location for the 2 door models. Available in many colors.


1949 - 1952 Chevy Daytona Small Loop Carpet Set.


This is the tiny loop tight weaved carpet, cut and sewn as the originals were. All vinyl binding on the edges and over the tunnel,  vinyl heel pad. 1/8" latex foam and jute padding underside.


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