1959 Impala 2 Door Hardtop Interior Kit




1959 Impala 2 Door Hardtop Interior Kit. Includes door and quarter trim panels. These are assembled front door and rear quarter trim panels in any of the original colors. Heavy weight vinyl in the correct factory colors and grain with upper vertical mylar strips, center Herringbone scallop and lower heat sealed design. Assembled on our automotive waterproof boards with the edge metal bands and nails installed, saving you a lot of time installing.  This set comes complete with sewn rear armrest covers, vinyl windlace set, vinyl covered kick panels, lock ferrules and vinyl to cover your armrest. Ready to install, you just need to transfer your armrest and stainless.

Front and Rear Seat Covers sewn exactly like original with the 59 Impala seat cloth. Correct mylar, dielectric sealed pattern on the rear of the front seat and installing in the correct locations. Sequin pattern vinyl headliner, extra sequin vinyl to cover your visors, matching Tuxedo molded carpet set and vinyl covered package tray.

Send in your clean upper rails from your front and rear trim original panels and we will assemble to your new panel. Your rails must be clean, removed from the old panels with vinyl and felts removed from metal. If rails are covered with rust, wire brush clean them before sending. Rails must be in useable condition with no holes. If you do not have your rails, you can purchase our reproduction rails and we will assemble to the new panels.

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